Miga WordPress (WP) Login

Do you want your APP users to automatically be logged into your WordPress website?

Simply create an account inside the app, install the provided plug-in in the WordPress site and login directly by clicking on the link.

NB: if you have multiple wordpress sites in the same domain, you need to install them in subdomains. The module links will not work if they are in subfolders.


Check X Frame Options

First thing is to check your WordPress website to make sure you are able to use iFrames.

To do this, simply Click Here and add your login url into the box.

Click “Check Headers” and wait a few seconds. Results will display below the box.

If you get the following following message you can skip the next step:

If you get this message you will need to edit a file:

If you see this message you will need to open your htaccess file in your website hosting file manager:

Then you will add the following line of code and Save:

Header always unset X-Frame-Options



If you have added Migawordpress feature on your app, you have to install Migawordpress Plugin from your WordPress site Admin.

You can download the plugin directly from your app backoffice, just click on “Migawordpress” on “My Pages” section:

Page Settings of Migawordpress will open:

Click on the arrow in Migawordpress plugin section then click to download the zip file:


Migawordpress Plugin Installation

Method 1: After download of Miga WP plugin, as described on previous paragraph of this guide,¬†unpack it to get the “migawp” folder, upload this folder using an FTP client (Filezilla, for example) into / wp-content / plugins.

Method 2: Login in the WordPress control panel, then click “Plugins” in the left menu.

click “Add new”.

click “Upload plugins”.

now upload the Miga WP plugin in .zip format using the “Browse” button and at last click “Install now”.

activate the Miga WP plugin.


Migawordpress module settings

After the plug-in is active it will be possible to insert the desired link into the Migawordpress functionality within your APP.

To add a link just click on + button and fill the data required:

NOTES: links must be only HTTPS.

When you add a new site you can:

a) enter a WordPress username to bind that WordPress user.
b) flag “or bind app user”: the module auto login any user that has the same email in the WordPress account, or fall back on the WordPress registration page to register.


Token setting

Once the plugin is installed and activated you have to save the TOKEN for security reason to bind your wordpress site with your app. Otherwise the module will not work.

Just copy the token from Migawordpress settings

and paste to your WordPress site Backend, in Migawordpress Plugin settings.


WARNING: Please do the steps above in the order we wrote, especially don’t copy / paste token before you complete the “Add new site” configuration in the module settings. If the plugin is deactivated and later reactivated in the WordPress site, it will be necessary to remove and re-insert the relative link in the Migawordpress functionality inside your APP.

Send an email to support@migastone.com for informations or technical support.

Direct link to this page https://support.migastone.com/en/hrf_faq/migawordpress2/