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Migapush debug is a module to investigate problems reported on PUSH NOTIFICATIONS from the users.

To understand better how it works we should first understand how the push system is working.

In general, every time an app is installed on a phone (and on IOS the permission to push notifications are granted) the system is assigning a TOKEN, like a car plate, that identified the specific APP inside the network.

The servers that manage the PUSH NOTIFICATION delivery are called APN (Access Point Name) and are provided from APPLE and GOOGLE.

If the APP is uninstalled from the device the TOKEN is also deleted from the APN and if our Mobile App Builder tries to send a message to this token, it will get an error back.

Our Mobile App Builder is storing for each app ALL the TOKEN created, also is linking each TOKEN to a USER when there is a login. This allows sending SINGLE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS to a specific user.

When the Mobile App builder gets an error on sending a Push to a specific TOKEN, this TOKEN is deleted.

So, why does it happens that sometimes the pushes aren’t delivered?

There are many reasons out from the control of the Mobile App Builder that this is happening, with this module we will investigate better the status INSIDE the Mobile App Builder.

Let’s see the tools we have now with our module.


    When you add the module inside your APP and you tap the module page you will see this. The first part of the page is showing if PUSH NOTIFICATION is ACTIVE or NOT. Basically, we check if the TOKEN is present. An APP without a TOKEN is sure an APP without push notifications authorizations.
    This is surely important to understand if the customer that has issues with the APP has granted the right permissions during installation if not the simplest way is asking to re-install the APP and authorize the pushes.
  2. SECTION “YOUR TOKEN IS ASSOCIATED TO THESE SIBERIAN ACCOUNTS” This section is searching all the accounts that are connected to the specific TOKEN. If there is more than one account linked there is a problem in Mobile Builder database. If this happens the only way is to LOGOFF the user, and reinstall the APP.
  3. BUTTON “SEND TO ME A TEST PUSH NOW” this allows the user to test if pushes are working, just tap on this button and wait 1 minute the delivery of the test push.
  4. ASSOCIATE TOKEN TO CURRENT ACCOUNT. This is the opposite if the APP has the TOKEN but it is not connected to the logged user there is a problem. It is probably not possible to send single push notifications to this APP but only broadcast one.
    In this case, is possible to re-associate the TOKEN to the USER by pressing this button.


  1. Is it possible to search all tokens in the Mobile Builder database, see for each one the creation date and investigate better the problems. In general, the user should communicate the TOKEN showed inside the feature inside the APP and you as an app owner can search the specific token. Here the page that is showing the token data base.By clicking on DETAILS is possible to see more information about the specific token linked to a user. Is possible also to unlink the token from the specific user.
    You can see the token creation date and also when the user was linked to the specific token.
  2. The last section allows checking all the tokens not linked to any specific user.