Miga Birth Day

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Making your customers feel truly important is the key to encouraging their purchases in the medium and long term. The HAPPY BIRTHDAY function sends a personalized message to the customer on the day most dear to him, this message can only be a sincere wish for a happy birthday or it is possible to set a special gift reserved for the customer.

Please proceed as follow to configure MigaBirthDay feature

  1. MigaBirthday can interact with Profile feature, if you use Profile feature in your app please configure that first by set a mandatory BIRTHDAY field as “DATE” field type (refer to Profile feature documentation for further details on how to correctly create a Birth Date field)
  2. Installare la funzione MIGABIRTHDAY e impostare i dettagli della notifica push di BUON COMPLEANNO.
    You have to set

    1. A Title
    2. A Body of the message
    3. optionally, an external web link or a internal link to another feature in the app
    4. The status enabled/disabed of this message
    5. An image for the push notification NB: It is possible to link a feature in our APP which is DISABLED. The result is that it will only be accessible via notification link itself. This configuration allows you to use, for example, a COUPON feature that will only be displayed via the HAPPY BIRTHDAY notification!
    If for any reason the date of birth was not entered, the system invites the user to enter it, the number and the frequency of the push reminder can be changed in the Settings (point 4 below). We recommend linking this notification to MigaBirthDay or Profile feature where the user can enter the date of birth:
    In Settings you can set the message visible in MigaBirthDay feature page within the APP. It is also possible to select how the user enters the date of birth: select Profile if you have Profile feature in the app, otherwise select Migabirthday.
    It is also possible to set whether the date of birth will be editable by the user after the first insertion. We recommend leaving the date modifiable BUT indicate in the description of the Happy Birthday feature page the fact that a document will be required in order to collect the prize / voucher. Also, from the Settings we can choose the number and frequency of the reminder, in addition you can set the time for automatic push notifications sent by Migabirthday. Finally, you can set MigaBirthDay system Enabled/disabled.

NB: Se la funzione PROFILO non è presente nella APP verrà utilizzata la data di nascita inserita nella funzione BUON COMPLEANNO.
Se la funzione PROFILO è presente sarà utilizzato il data base della funzione profilo come data di nascita.


Direct link: https://support.migastone.com/en/hrf_faq/miga-birth-day/