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This feature allows you to create a list of TOPICS that the users of the app will be able to select, according to their interests, and then only be updated on the specific topics.

With this setting, the manager of the APP will be able to send targeted PUSH notifications only to those users who have selected a specific topic.

The TOPICS feature are powerful to create profiled lists of users that receive exactly the information they are interested in.

We recommend instructing employees to download the app and configure this feature to the clients.

To add this feature to the app, click on .

In the following form you can enter a general description of the page and the list of desired topics:

To add topics, click on  and enter the required data:

Only title is required, description and image (click on ) are optional. Here is an example of how it works:


Integration with the Profile feature

The Topic feature can be integrated with the Profile feature to ensure that the user, when registering in the app, is automatically requested to select the topics of interest from those set. For further details please go to the manual page of the Profile feature.