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The Calendar feature will enable you to share with your users the place and date of your events and the ones you will be present to.

To create a Calendar feature, click on  in the add pages part.


Click on  to add a calendar. You have 2 options:




If you click on iCal, this appears:

  • Then you have to go on Google Calendar


  • Create your event on Google Calendar


  • Find the agenda’s URL. To do this click on “Share this calendar”


  • Click on “Calendar Details”


  • Click on “ICAL” in the Calendar Address


  • Copy this address and paste it in the “Calendar’s URL ” field

cal11Finally click on OK to validate your event.



If you click on Custom Page, this appears:


Enter the name of your Calendar and then click on . This appears:



To create a new event click on . This appears:


Thus, you have to enter all the required information for your event. Optionally you can add an image, a link to website, a link to RSVP page (for exemple if a reservation is required) or to buy a ticket.

To add another event just click again on  and repeat the process.


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