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This feature allows you to create image galleries. You’ve got those options:

  • Create a gallery from Instagram
  • Create a gallery from Flickr (not available)
  • Create a gallery with your own photos


1. Create a gallery from Instagram

Enabling INSTAGRAM requires you to get two key parameters from the Instagram developer site:



The procedure is:

1. Go to

2. Log on with your Instagram credentials

3. Click the MANAGE CLIENTS button

4. Click REGISTER TO NEW CLIENT5. Fill in the fields by checking (or the address where you normally log in to your APP manager) and fill out with this address the “Valid redirection URIs:” field

6. APP NAME fields indicate any fancy name in the DESCRIPTION field to describe in 2 rows as in the video something, Company Name Your Company Name, Website Address Your Website, Privacy Policy You Can Always Tell Your Site Internet and finally a support email.

7. Save

8. Return to the screen by clicking on the MANAGE button

9. Click on the Security option and make sure you deselect the “Disable implicit OAuth:” option

10. Now copy the CLIENT ID that you see above, we will need to build a URL (Internet address) capable of giving us a code (token) in response … in this address replace the CLIENT-ID word with the CLIENT ID code that You copied before:

Then replace the word REDIRECT-URI with the address of your MAB that was “”. Here is an example of compound link:

11. Click AUTHORIZE on the page that INSTAGRAM proposes you.12. Receive a similar url in response to this:

13. Copy the values ​​after the symbol = and this will be your TOKEN

14. Log in to your MAB and enter the SETTINGS at the left of your APP in the INSTAGRAM section, indicating the CLIENT ID and the TOKEN.

15. BY THE “IMAGE GALLERIES” FUNCTION You can then install your INSTAGRAM photo gallery by indicating the user name of your instagram account. (If you do not have the IMAGE feature send an email to the support. The result will be as follows:


WARNING: take care that the INSTAGRAM profile is PUBLIC, if it isn’t you have to start the INSTAGRAM APP on your smartphone and enable the PUBLIC profile. See screenshot below:


2. Create a gallery from Flickr

not available yet

3. Create a gallery with your own photos (My Images)


Name your gallery, and click on  to upload photos from your computer. You can upload several photos in the same time, just select from one folder all the photos you want to upload.


It’s not mandatory, but you can enter a title and a description for all your photos.Click on “Ok” to save your gallery. To create a new gallery, click on  and repeat the above process.

To add images to an existing gallery, open the “Manage” section and click the green button that has the number of images, at the gallery you want to edit:


From the window that will open, use the “Browse” button to load more images. To clear, click the X icon at the image you want to delete.



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