Import/export users

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The Import/Export module will allow you to import an existing database of users and
generate a welcome email. The module currently supports the import of two file formats: csv and xlsx.

This module will also allow you to export your application’s users. Open the module’s page from your MAB menu Modules > Import/Export users:


Please make sure you download a sample of the structure of the file before you attempt to
import your file. Your user database needs to be properly formatted, namely some fields will
have to be added, so that the import can occur successfully. The column order and number need
to be respected.

When you import your existing user database, you can choose to send an invitation email to your
users. If you choose this option, you’ll be able to create an email informing your users that an
account has been created for them, letting them know their password and providing the
download links to the App. You’ll be able to dynamically insert the fields that follow to populate
your email Subject and Body: [firstname], [last-name], [app-name], [password], [email].

An invitation email using will be automatically send to your users. The text is
completely customizable as seen above. As the user database is being imported,
emails are being dynamically created and the variable fields populate the email. This is the
perfect way to create an account and invite existing users to the App.


Exporting your application’s user database is quite simple. You’ll only need to press the export
button and a csv file with be generated with all the user information.