Migaprint – Printers Settings

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In this guide you will find step-by-step instructions to configure all printer models compatible with Migaprintv2 module.


SUNMI-V2 Settings

1. Turn on the printer by pressing the power button on left side of SUNMI-V2 printer.
2. next there will be Location consent, touch “Agree” Button.
3. than touch the arrow button (>).
4. allow location and content access.
5. select the language and press next.
6. select time-zone and press next.
7. Setup wifi network informatio by selecting your wifi network option and press next.
8. than press start configure button.
9. enter your email and press “send activation code” button below.
10. access activation code from your email and enter.
11. add new password and press next.
12. press enter device button.
13. now install your app from Playstore in the printer.
14. Open the app and create a new user on the app from Account page.
15. User you created have to be set as “Admin” on the Migaprint setting (see Migaprint manual).
16. Keep your app always open on the printer, open Migaprint page then click on “order queue” to manage orders.
17. you can cange the settings of SUNMI v2 inner-printer from settings application of device in “InnerPrinter” menu.


On sunmi device
1. Open the settings
2. Goto innerPrinnter menu/tab
3. Goto “print font compatibility mode”
4. Turn on the “font compatibility mode”
5. Select “sunmimonospaced 1.0”


On sunmi device
1. Open the settings
2. Goto innerPrinnter menu/tab
3. Goto “printer density” and increase the density to higher percentage.