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Migaprint is working normally with a GoodCom Printer, but now it allows also to emulate the printer and see the receipts directly on the APP if you are an ADMIN of Migaprint.
This mean that the APP owner can manage the orders with a TABLET or a PHONE directly on the APP itself.
Even if the printer is not present, it is mandatory to set always a PRINTER in setting page, if not the whole system cannot work properly. So please read careful this documentation and don’t miss to setup correctly the setting page with a printer.

MIGAPRINT now supports the SUNMI V2 device with internal printer.

There are no extra settings for this update. If the application is installed on SUNMI V2 device, it will automatically detect the SUNMI hardware and APP will use the internal printer. The receipt view and printing process is same.

You can also publish the application on SUNMI app store by following the given link documentation  https://docs.sunmi.com/en/appstore/app-release/

Check our guide to SUNMI-V2 configuration.

MIGAPRINT now supports CommercePro module and Xdelivery.

Add Ecommerce and Migaprint features in the app

First of all, you have to add in your app both both Migaprint feature and an ecommerce feature.

Migaprint can work with Mobile Commerce feature, Commercepro module or Xdelivery module.

If you use Migaprint with Mobile Commerce, the Home Page of your shop is completely redesigned. On this page, users will be able to clearly see the main information and do actions needed to proceed with the orders: “Open” or “Closed” status of the shop, default waiting time for order fulfillment, button to log in without leaving the page and choosing preferred time for delivery by the customer.

To do this, the following steps must be performed in order:

  1. Add Mobile Commerce feature in your app but leave this page in DEACTIVATED status. NOTE: this step is mandatory to work with the new Migaprint function and mobile commerce feature combined.
  2. Configure Mobile Commerce feature as usual, you can follow our mcommerce feature manual. All settings can be made even if the page status is DEACTIVATED.
  3. Add MIgaprint feature in the app and proceed with its configuration as explained in the following paragraphs of this guide.

If you use Migaprint with Commercepro o Xdelivery, instead, users make order directly from ecommerce feature pages and have to be visible. You can leave also Migaprint feature visible (or locked with padlock) to allow Admins to manage orders from app. Otherwise you can set Migaprint feature not visible.


From the App Builder frontend, click on the Migaprint feature in “My Pages” section.

Then select the “Settings” tab to proceed with Migaprint configuration, this screen will appear:

NOTE: First you need to make some preliminary settings. Only after this step all the settings of the Migaprint feature will be made visible.


Store opening and closing

The first setting we find on this page is the selection of the store opening or closing status.

You can choose from three options:

  1. Auto – Open or closed according to time slots, as we’ll explain in following steps.
  2. Open – Forced open indefinitely.
  3. Closed – Forced closed indefinitely.

This selection can be changed later, as needed.


Receipt Delivery selection

You can choose to send orders to the Migaprint printer or alternatively receive them and manage IN APP. Select the preferred mode from drop-down menu:

This selection can be modified later: for example, in the event of temporary unavailability of the printer, you can choose to manage orders IN APP.

At the end of this guide we will show you how to manage orders directly from your APP.


Shipping address on Home Page

Only if you use Migaprint with mobile commerce: It is possible to ask user to choose the shipping address directly on the Home Page, before proceeding with the order. This setting can be hidden (the user will choose the shipping address when checking out), optional (useful for those who also take away) and mandatory.


Order Fetch date

It is necessary to set a start date. From that date the orders will be acquired by the MIgaprint module.

Note: This setting makes it possible to introduce the Migaprint feature in apps where the Ecommerce feature is already in use: Migaprint will only process orders received from the set date.

WARNING: The date CANNOT be changed.


Delivery times and system notifications

Only if you use Migaprint with mobile commerce, you have to set:

  1. Current estimated processing time showing in the app – Will be displayed on the Shop home page.
  2. Processing time limit warning – If an operator does not manage the received order within the specified time, an email will be sent to the manager.
  3. Minimum printer ping time warning – the printer performs periodic checks to verify the connection with the system. If no reply is received in the specified time, an email will be sent to the manager.
  4. How many times send ping warning? – How many times you want to send the warning that the printer is disconnected from the system.


Ecommerce feature selection

This setting is needed to connect the Ecommerce feature with the Migaprint feature. NOTE: once the selection has been made, it will no longer be editable. You have to add in your app and configure ecommerce feature previously, in order to can find and select in this dropdown.

Right now CommercePro and Xdelivery are supported. To see the options in the list you should add first the feature to the APP and enable it correctly.

WARNING: This selection CANNOT be changed.


SMS gateway selection

Optional: if you want to receive the order via sms then you have to choose the system with which SMS sending will be managed and set the API keys.



New order notification sound (alert)

On the “Orders Queue” view in the application where the new orders are reloaded every minute, For new Orders alert add “.mp3” sound. If the sound is not uploaded there is a default sound. You can also disable the notification sound with the given option.


Cover Image

Only if you use Migaprint with mobile commerce: with this setting, you can optionally upload an image that will appear on the home page of your store.

Click on the Save button to save the settings made up to this step.

NOTE: the setting sections we will explain below (printers and time slots) will be visible only after saving the settings described above.

Printers Management

This section will be visible only after saving the settings described in the previous paragraphs.


Set up a Migaprint printer for each shop added in the ecommerce feature. These shops will be in the “select shop” drop-down menu.

WARNING: in order to manage orders of a shop with migaprint you have to set a printer in this section, even if you choose to manage only IN APP, even if you don’t use printers.

It is possible to assign any name to the printer, while “Restaurant id” and “Password” must be codes consisting of 8 characters, numeric only. Use codes of your choice, they are only necessary for the printer configuration.

From the “Select INI File” drop-down menu choose version 2.0 or 3.0 depending of your Migaprint printer series. Check our guide to printer configuration.

Then click on “Add Printer” button: the added printer will be visible in the “Printers” list below.

Proceed in this way to connect printers for all your shops.

In the printers list there are two active links:

  • Delete – to delete the added Migaprint printer if necessary
  • FILE – to export the INI file needed to printed configuration


Time slots setting

Enter the opening time slots, for all days of week in which the store will be open. You can have more than one time slot for each day.

NB: these timeslots are used only if you have choose mobile commerce. Commercepro and Xdelivery have their own timeslots settings.



From this section it is necessary to set in which way the order will be notified to the customer and the Opening / Closing labels that the customer will see in the shop home page.

WARNING: you have to proceed with this steps only in the order shown below.


Shop Notifications (processing time text)

This section is located at the bottom of the “Notifications” tab screen. You have to add the text that users will see on the Store home page. It is mandatory to add some text in all four fields which will be displayed:

  1. When the store is open according to time slots
  2. When the store is open by manual setting (please read “Settings” chapter of this guide)
  3. When the store is closed according to time slots
  4. When the store is closed by manual setting (please read “Settings” chapter of this guide)


Notification Templates

This section completes the settings of “Notifications” tab. You have to choose for each type of notification (identified by an item in the drop-down menu) to whom to send the message and you can customize the text of those messages.

The message types in the drop-down menu are:

  • Processing Notification: the message sent when the manager accepts the order
  • Ping Notification: message sent (to manager only) when there is a connection issue with the Migaprint printer
  • Suspended Notification: message sent (to manager only) if the order is suspended for any progressive misalignment
  • Refund Notification: message sent to notify that the order was rejected as payment was not accepted (for paypal payment)
  • Order Status Notification: message sent to notify the new order status
  • Preferred Delivery Time Notification: message sent if the manager decide to change the delivery time chosen by the customer
  • SMS: active only if you have chosen SMS as the order receipt mode (see previous paragraphs)

Then select the sending options for each message (at least one option must be ticked for each type of message) and customize the text if necessary. The tags displayed can also be used.

WARNING: it is necessary to make the desired settings for all message types, selecting them from the drop-down menu. Press the SAVE button only after completing all message settings.


App Owners / Admins

Opening this tab you can see the list of registered users in the app:

NOTE: if no app user has registered yet, the list will be empty. The business owner (ie the one who will receive the orders) must be registered in the app before being able to proceed.

MIGAPRINT needs mandatory at least one ADMIN, if not the system is paused and a red warning is showed on the screen

Then identify the Owner in the list and click on the “NO” link on the “Is Owner?” column  on the corresponding row. By doing this the screen will be reloaded to apply the change, so click again on the “Notifications” tab to return to this page. Now the Owner user will be highlighted in the list like this:

The step just made is mandatory in any case. If you have chosen to receive orders via SMS, you must now enter the mobile phone number of the Owner. We recommend entering the number in any case in order to be able to manage orders even for example without a printer.

To enter the owner’s mobile phone number, proceed as follows:

  1. Locate the Owner in the list (the one already identified as “Owner” with the step just described.
  2. In the “Phone” column click on “Edit” and enter the mobile phone number including the international prefix.
  3. To save the setting click on “Enter” button on the keyboard. By doing this the screen will be reloaded to apply the change, so click again on the “Notifications” tab to return to this page.


Orders Status

This screen will display the orders placed by customers and you can manage their progress status.

The main order statuses will be managed automatically during the progress, based on the actions of the operator to the printer, and according to the type of payment chosen by the customer (for online payments). The manager can also act manually to change the status of an order, selecting it via the drop-down menu.

WARNING: orders are processed by the servers every 10 minutes and will therefore be displayed in the list on this screen only after processing.

You can search for orders using filters and use the button to refresh.



This screen will display analytical data useful for store management.



This screen, for technical / diagnostic use, will show the log of operations managed by the system and the orders managed by the Migaprint printers.


Tou need to save settings from this tab in order to use the API.

Click here for complete MigaprintV2 API documentation.


Finally, as with other features of the Migastone apps, you can eventually upload a custom background image.


Cron Job Settings

With our MigaprintV2 module you need to run a Cron Job on the server where your Mobile App Builder is installed.

Here is an example: /usr/local/bin/curl –silent //urlofyourmab/migaprintv2/public_cron/run > /dev/null

Cron schedule have to be set every minute.

Please note that the part of the string “/usr/local/bin/curl” can be different depending on the type of server and make sure to replace the first part of the url in the example above (urlofyourmab) with the url of your MAB platform. If you have no knowledge of the cron job settings on the server side please refer to your sysadmin.


Display and manage Orders from the App

To view and manage the status of orders directly from the APP, the owner / manager must register in the app and be enabled as App Owner / Admin (see in the previous paragraphs of this guide).

WARNING: if you have already logged in and later you set your user as Owner / Admin of the app, remember to log out and then login again for the first time. Otherwise you will not see the administration options explained below.

By accessing the home page of the Migaprint feature from the APP, the owner / operator will see a screen similar to the following:

Facendo click sul pulsante “Coda Ordini” avrà accesso alla lista degli ordini ricevuti:


From this page, first of all, it is possible to Open/Close the shop and select the receipt delivery, Printer or App, as needed.

Also, the main Order informations is displayed in the list:

  • Prder Number and Total
  • Client’s name
  • Order Date and Time
  • Order status
  • Preferred delivery time (PDT)

The detail of the single order can be viewed by clicking on the “Details” button.

Then, by clicking on the “Receipt” button in correspondence with the order to be managed, you can view the order and accept / modify the delivery time / reject the order:


Table ordering

If you use Commercepro you can also set any of your stores to take orders from customers sitting inside the restaurant. The process is same but a simple variation is that instead of a selection of prefered delivery time and other stuff now the customer will have to enter the table number on which he/she is sitting.

On the receipt, order details, and on all other place owners will be able to see the table number instead of prefered delivery time and address.

Table Ordering Info

Demo Migaprint feature

To try all the Migaprint configuration options you can access our demo platform: https://demo.migastone.com

User: demo@migastone.com

Pass: demopass




Mcommerce Siberian shop hasn’t management of DELIVERY TIME and so we should collect this data before starting any ordering process.
In this case, MIGAPRINT is the starting point for the order process.
You should set it as VISIBLE on the system, change the name to SHOP or as you want, and keep HIDDEN the Mcommerce Siberian feature.
The user will enter in MIGAPRINT feature, see the cover, select the Preferred Delivery Time and finally Migaprint forward it to Shop feature to complete the order.

For CommerePro and Xdelivery we don’t suggest to work in this way. These shops are able to collect already all the data and delivery time necessary.
The starting point for orders should be these modules, and migaprint will fetch the orders automatically from them.
In this scenario the MIGAPRINT feature on APP side is used and accessible only from the ADMIN so we suggest these options:
1. Put MIGAPRINT feature in a subfolder, call it “Setting” or similar and finish. This is the easiest way
2. Put MIGAPRINT hidden from MENU but enabled. Use the DEEP LINK feature to add a small link somewhere in a CUSTOM PAGE, and you teach the APP owner where to find this small link. This is a sure more elegant way to hidden totally to the final user the feature from the menu, but allows the App owner to access it.

LINK: //support.migastone.com/en/hrf_faq/migaprint/