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Do you want a huge and powerful phone book of potential customers? Be Smart! Ask to send an SMS to download your APP!

Yes! with this module your potential customers will send an SMS like “PIZZERIA NAPOLI” to your Twilio SMS inbound number and they will get back the link to download the APP from the stores, and at the same time the module is storing the sender name of the potential customers… ready to be used in the future for promotional contents, 100% ok with GDPR.

Whatch this video introduction here:

Instructions how to configure it:

  1. Go to https://www.twilio.com create an Account, and buy an inbound/outbound SMS phone number.
  2. Copy the ACCOUNT SID and TOKEN from Twilio dashboard to the MIGASMS module.
  3. Go to your ADMIN backoffice >> MANAGE >> MODULES >> MIGASMS
  4. Enter the LICENSE CODE
  5. Add your twilio platform credentials. Migasms will use the platform credentials for the INBOUND SMS. All your customers will send TEXT messages to ONLY ONE SMS INBOUND number. (here you enter YOUR twilio credentials as PLATFORM OWNER)
  6. Go to bit.ly and create a free account. bitly is an API that allows creating shorteners links, necessary to send out short SMS.
  7. On FILTERS you are able to see all the STRINGS currently configured in the system and witch App is linked.
  8. Platform Logs will be useful to identify any problem with APIs
  9. Go to APP FRONTEND enter the TWILIO account of the customers, we use this account for OUTBOUND SMS that will use the credits of the APP owner account on Twilio
  10. Add the string of the specific APP, for example “PIZZERIA NAPOLI”. Please note that any space and any special character will be removed. Also capital characters are ignored and treated as normal one. The String should be unique for the whole platform.
  11. Select the SENDER ID from the drop down menu.
  12. Add the optional LANDING PAGE link, this link will be added in the SHORTNER TAG on the message. If the user leave empty this field the system is using the QR CODE link of Siberian (promote feature) with a shortlink
  13. Select AUTO-ANSWER “YES” or “NO”. If NO is selected the system will not send out any SMS back to the sender
  14. Message body of the auto-answer message. Remember to leave the TAG of shortnerurl.

Send an email to support@migastone.com for informations or technical support.

Visit our website www.migamodules.com

LINK: https://support.migastone.com/en/hrf_faq/migasms/