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Introducing Migastats, a comprehensive system designed to collect and analyze app statistics. The Side Menu Module serves as a powerful tool, offering detailed insights into key metrics such as app installations, uninstalls, total visits, and feature-specific visits. This information is presented in visually informative graphs, providing a user-friendly interface for effective statistical analysis.

  • Provide the user to filter data by dates
  • The update of Siberian from 4.xx to 5.xx has changed the push mechanism we have fixed this in a way that users can analyze the old and new stats

  • The Chart that provides the installation and uninstall of devices based on push-enabled
  • The green bar shows the new devices along with the date
  • The red bar shows Uninstall devices on the specific date

  • Visit by Features allows the user to have a graphical analysis of the top most visited features
  • The list of features provides the user number of visits per feature

  • Device type stats provide the Installation of the App on specific devices ios/Android
  • The red color shows the IOS devices
  • The green color shows the Android devices

Manage Report View Permissions

From this section, located in Backoffice > Manage > Modules > Migastats, you will need to enable permissions for each Siberian user role you want to give access to viewing statistics.

Select the role from the drop-down menu, enable the desired views and click the Save button. Repeat the operation for all the roles for which you want to enable statistics viewing.

WARNING: the permissions must also be enabled for the ADMINISTRATOR role, otherwise the statistics will not be displayed.

link: https://support.migastone.com/en/hrf_faq/migastats/