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The Migawhatsapp introduces the new ability to dispatch WhatsApp messages from Siberian to all users with registered mobile numbers. This innovation fills a critical gap by reaching users who might otherwise remain inaccessible through conventional push notifications. Moreover, to streamline communication and prevent redundancy, users equipped with both a mobile number and a push token can be selectively excluded from these transmissions.

This update seamlessly integrates with the MIGACHAT module, offering an optional AI integration feature within Siberian. Upon installation, administrators have the flexibility to enable or disable MIGACHAT integration through a newly introduced menu, with the integration set to enabled by default.

The integration empowers Migachat to receive and respond to messages originating from WhatsApp users. handle the AI’s response and forward it to the specific WhatsApp user with specific procedures to handle message forwarding and maintain communication history.


To access the Migawhatsapp interface, open the “Modules” section in the vertical menu of your App Builder. Then select “MIgawhatsapp”.

Manual sending: Users have the ability to manually send WhatsApp messages from the interface. They can enter the message in a text area provided in the Migawhatsapp function.

Broadcast or individual message sending: Users can choose between two options for sending WhatsApp messages: broadcast or individual message.

Filtering valid phone numbers: The interface filters and displays only the users who have a valid phone number stored in their account. This ensures that WhatsApp messages are sent only to users who have provided a phone number.

Selecting recipients for individual messages: If the single message-sending option is chosen, users can select specific recipients from the entire module interface. The interface filters all app users and displays only those who have a mobile phone number stored.

Scheduling options: When selecting the Scheduling Option the menu Appears as shown in the Image which allows the administrator to Schedule the message.

Simplified management: With this new feature, there is no need to check the PUSH table or create a cron job. The sending of WhatsApp messages can be managed manually through the Migawhatsapp module.


From this tab, you need to set the API keys of our gateway.

  1. **Sign Up:**
    •  Complete the registration process with the required information.
    • Log in using your newly created credentials.
  2. **Add Phone Number:**
    • Locate the option to add a phone number in your account settings.
    • Input the desired phone number and complete the verification process.
  3. **Retrieve Keys:**
    • Go to the “Number Profile” section in your account settings.
    • Copy both keys: Access Token and Instance ID.
  4. **Endpoint URL:**
    • Use [https://wa.yourappconsole.com/] as your base Endpoint URL.

NOTICE: Avoid using the full endpoint URL (e.g., “send.php”).

NOTICE: To use the system you must purchase a subscription for each of your Whatsapp numbers on the website www.migasender.com

IMPORTANT: every sim must be run in for at least a week with a few messages a day before connecting them to migasender. Otherwise there may be a risk of ban.


The new Settings Tab allows the  Admin user to configure the various General Settings listed below with their function.

  1. **Country Code Settings:**

2.**Webhook Settings:**

    • We declare the webhook to Siberian when we store the first configuration, so the WA gateway can notify of new instances, etc.

    • When there is an instance ID issue occurs warn the admin with an email.

    • When a new instance is created the instance ID is updated in the system automatically.

3.**Migachat Intigeration:**

    • The MIGACHAT module is installed in Siberian and an INSTANCE is installed in the current APP, we will display a new menu to ENABLE or DISABLE MIGACHAT AI INTEGRATION. By default, the integration is ENABLED.
    • Migachat needs to receive any messages written on WhatsApp from users and respond accordingly.

NOTICE: To use Migachat Integeration MIGACHAT module must be installed in the APP.

3.**Api Settings:**

    • The Settings that enable the Chat history API Token.
    • Enabled Send Message API allows the user to get an API Token.
    • For more Details Please Read the API DOCS.


The Tab contains grids of Message logs with details of status, origin, etc.

  • logs can be filtered by phone number, start date, and End date.
  • Logs are extractable from Excel, and CSV or can simply copy.


LINK: https://support.migastone.com/en/hrf_faq/migawhatsapp/