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With the Migacoupon feature, you’ll be able to create as many discounts as you want and display them in the application same as the discounts feature. And also you can validate the coupon usage via the Employee’s password. Here are the various parts of a discount:

  • Add new discounts

    • Title: for example ”One free coffee”, keep it short and simple
    • Description: for example : “One free coffee among classical L and XL coffees”
    • Conditions: for example : “Available for a $10 order”
    • Can only be used once: check this box if you want the discount to be available for the client only once. A “use this discount” button will appear in the application and the client will have to press it to use the discount.In case the box is unchecked the user is able to set the number of times the coupon can be used
    • Recursive Coupon: The ability that allows the user to use coupons recursively in order of the different weeks, month, years days. For example, let’s say you have a coupon for a free meal at a restaurant, but it is only valid on Wednesdays. This means you can only use the coupon to get a free meal on Wednesdays and not on any other day of the week.
    • Start/End date or unlimited: choose if you want your discount to have a due date or if you want it to be unlimited and to stop it when you want.
    • Unlock by QR Code: The coupon can be used by both PIN and QR code
    • If coupon validity expires shows on the App side: Allow the user to expired Coupons on the App side
    • Here is what it looks like:
  • View / Update / Delete the discount

    • To see details of a discount, click on icon.
    • To update the details of a discount, click on   icon.
    • To delete a discount click on   icon.
  • Employees

    • It is possible to create a password and a QRCode for each employee. Through this, it will be easier to verify who validates what.
    • To create a password, you just have to click on  and fill in the required fields:
    • After save you can dowload the QRCode.
  • See discount use logs

    • To see logs open the Logs tab.
    • Here are all logs displayed with the date range filter.
    • Shows all the info related to coupon(used by, N time used…etc)
    • To export a CSV file of filtered records, click on  button
  • Admin users

    • To make an application customer “application admin” open the Admin Users tab.
    • Here all the customers are displayed.
    • To make the customer admin, click on  the button.
    • To remove the admin, click on button.
  • Use the discount on the application end

    • Customers can choose any discount.
    • The customer can see details of the discount he chose.
    • To validate the discount Employee will enter his 4-digit code or scan QRCode.
  • App end discount use logs

    • If the logged-in customer is marked as an admin then the user can see logs also on the application side.


You can check functionality of the module on our demo platform https://demo.migastone.com/


LINK:  https://support.migastone.com/en/hrf_faq/migacouponpro/