Privacy Policy

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The Privacy Policy is automatically available on all apps. Do not modify the privacy text if it is not necessary.

If your application have the `My Account` feature you can find it right inside under the button `Privacy policy`

If you want more flexibility for your Privacy Policies, you can also add them as a `Feature`

In the Editor > Features section you can add the `Privacy policy` and customise it to your needs, or stick with the default one we provide.


Terms and Conditions

If you want to edit the privacy policy without using the feature, you can go in Settings > Terms & Conditions and edit the privacy policy right here.

On this page you can also enter and edit the Terms and Conditions for the Discount, Loyalty Card and Scratch Card functions. If you use these functions, the inclusion of the terms and conditions is recommended. App users can see the corresponding terms directly from the feature page, using a button.


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